We need your help.  A new statewide Ohio coalition, United Charities of Ohio, has been formed to advocate for the interest of Ohio charities and Ohio charitable gaming.

Where We Have Been

  • Charitable gaming was authorized by Ohio voters in 1975 (40 years ago).
  • The state legislature and Attorney General set the rules for bingo and instant bingo (pull tabs).
  • Over the years the bingo laws have changed sometimes to help charities stay competitive and sometimes in response to problems within charitable gaming.
  • In 2005, charitable bingo in the state produced over $1.4 billion in gross receipts.

Where Are We Now?

  • In 2014 charities grossed just less than $750 million in receipts – over $650 million less than 9 years ago.
  • In 2005, there were more than 2000 organizations licensed to conduct charitable gaming.  In 2014, this number has dropped to 1746.
  • This drop in number of charities fundraising through charitable gaming and the corresponding drop in gross receipts is really no surprise considering Ohio’s new gaming landscape.
  • Charitable gaming now has direct competition from four casinos, seven race tracks, illegal forms of electronic gaming, the Lottery and other electronic games.

Upcoming Plans

What UCO (United Charities of Ohio) Will Do:

  • Create a coalition-United Charities of Ohio-that will be the voice of charities at the Statehouse, led by charities
  • Organize statewide efforts to improve the law and protect charities’ interests
  • Identify regional charity leaders (referred to as Champions) who agree to help connect with and interact with local elected officials and media
  • Encourage all charities utilizing bingo and instant bingo to participate at whatever level fits their ability
  • Recruit members to build our membership database and communicate with members about gaming issues
  • Survey Ohio’s charities and with their feedback build support for a reform agenda
  • Create an Internet presence

We would like to list your organization as a supporter of United Charities of Ohio.This will require no dues or other payments to join. Click Here to Join United Charities of Ohio.

If you haven’t already completed the survey, please take a few moments to give us your thoughts!

UCO Survey Letter

UCO Survey

Links for more information about Charitable Gaming:

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 Quick History

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