United Charities of Ohio, last night was a good night for us.

Last evening Governor Kasich signed House Bill 64, the biannual state budget, and also made public his veto list diet to lose weight quickly. I am so pleased to report that he vetoed the interactive terminal lottery language!

Thank you-this would not and could not have happened without your willingness to step up and make sure the voices of the charities were heard. To each of you who called your legislator, wrote a letter, submitted testimony, or made an effort to make sure people knew what was happening, you had a direct influence on the outcome.

However, we are not done. When the legislature resumes full-time work in September, we believe this language will reappear. United Charities of Ohio will need to be stronger than ever at that time. We’ve shown the power than can come from having a united voice in front of the state legislature and administration-working together works!

If you are already a member, tell organizations in your area about the usefulness of having a united voice and encourage them to join. If you aren’t a member-what are you waiting for? Be a part of keeping bingo alive and well in Ohio!

Take a deep breath, and pat yourselves on the back-you made a HUGE difference! Let’s keep it up!

Today is a good day for bingo in Ohio!

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