Greetings and best wishes for the upcoming New Year to you and your organization and to all those you hold dear. But, before we look ahead, recall the good progress that was made in 2015:

  1. Membership climbed to 123 charitable organizations
  2. UCO was introduced publicly and hosted a very successful press conference on March 20
  3. UCO challenged and, together with other interested parties, successfully defeated in July the proposed expansion of Lottery Interactive Electronic Games into Ohio bars and taverns
  4. Industry Partners signed up to be supportive of efforts by the UCO
  5. UCO Website continued to be an informational site for UCO members and for all parties interested in Ohio Charitable Gaming

Now, as we look to the start of a new year, let’s consider some important goals for 2016:

  1. Significant Membership Growth – There were over 1700 licensed organizations in 2014. Our goal is to reach 500 members to demonstrate the importance of charitable gaming to Ohio and to our communities.  Reach out to your fellow licensed charities and ask for their support.  A call to action letter will be sent to all licensees again this year. Remember there is no fee to join.
  2. Finalize legislative agenda – We have hosted many meetings throughout the state and need to finalize those changes that are most important to our members. Unfortunately, 2015 was not a legislative year conducive to introducing a charitable gaming bill.  However, we are ready to proceed based upon our meetings in 2014-2015 and we will be looking to you for any final recommendations.
  3. Seek Legislative Champions and move agenda forward – As we finalize the needed legislative changes, we will need your help talking with legislators and getting their support. We will need several influential leaders to support our legislative packet and to help us guide legislation through the general assembly. If your representative or senator is ready and willing to help in this matter, please let us know.
  4. Develop UCO Leaders – We need your help finding and/or becoming key members of the UCO. We need charity leaders who can and will travel to Columbus and throughout the state to meet with our legislative champions and speak to the many issues facing charitable gaming in Ohio.
  5. Organize Regionally – Ideally, we need regional meetings and activity and voices. If you can host a regional meeting and bring in charitable organizations and clubs in your area, it would be most appreciated and helpful.  Please let us know.

Thank you for your support in 2015.
We must keep working to make a difference in 2016!

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